In a world where the lolita represents the new ideal of beauty, the girls go to the International School of Saint Michel to become perfect lolita. Yuri, a boy who pretends to be a girl to infiltrate, wants to carry out his plan: to create a perfect lolita harem.

About the story

Lolicon Degree is a funny – often ecchi- manga decorated with ruffles, laces, laces and lolita.
This story is dedicated to historical lolicons, new generation ones and newcomers to the field. Have fun in Yuri’s crazy plan: dress up as a girl to enrol in a prestigious women’s school and create her perfect harem of loli.

The Free Manga Reader

the lolis: choose your waifu 


Smart and determined: the craziest lolicon of all.


Snobbish and possessive, she is a real princess.


Sweet, silent, shy and cultured: a caring and attentive friend.


Sparkling and cheerful, you will never feel bored.

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