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Yuri Gabrielli

Italian nationality
Date of Birth: 1 March
Age: 15 years
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: brown
Height and weight: 164cm, 55kg
Chest: //
Favourite subject: Physical education
Loli branch propensity: Indecisive
Dream loli: have a harem of loli

Cheerful and versatile, a bit clumsy, Yuri is a friendly person. A true Lolicon, he infiltrates the school to build his tailor-made harem (cup A, of course).


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Lyudmilla Sokolova

Nationality: Russian
Date of Birth: 10 January
Age: 15 years
Eye colour: green
Hair colour: red
Height and weight: 160cm, 50kg
Breast size: Second cup B
Favourite subject: Literature, Bon-ton and Diction
She Dreams: “To be loved, served and revered, exactly what is due to me. I want to be a perfect loli to show off as a precious jewel because this is my value.”

With a sour and opinionated façade, Lyudmilla relates to people by treating them with hardness and classism. A very spoiled and overbearing girl. She likes to be smug, served and revered like a queen, and also loves jewellery and expensive gifts.


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meI PoWder

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: September 20th
Age: 14 years
Eye colour: black
Hair colour: black
Height and weight: 159cm, 49kg
Breast size: 2nd, cup B
Favourite subject: History and literature, cooking
loli branch: Undecided
She says: “Loli are little angels, I’d like to become a good teacher and a good mother.”

Docile and silent, Mei always has a kind smile for everyone.
A very patient and understanding girl, she loves helping others. It is composed and calm. Very strict with herself, she always does her best.

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Nöelle BoNNet

French nationality
Date of birth: 29 July
Age: 15 years
Eye colour: light blue
Hair colour: light blond
Height and weight: 155 cm, 44 kg
Breast size: first cup A
Favourite subject: Physical education, Bon-ton Rebel Loli
Loli branch: Rebel Loli
She says: “I still don’t know exactly where I want to go, but that I become an idol or just a little sister, I want everyone to love me for my sympathy and my enthusiasm, even working in the sports field. I would love it!”

Nöelle has a playful character. It is sometimes difficult to endure its lively and noisy behaviour. He loves to laugh and play pranks. She becomes deeply attached to the people around her and shows her affection with hugs and cuddles.

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secondary characters

School principal Angus weight

Mr Angus Weight is a wealthy industrialist and investor, who has made his passion – the loli – his job, leaping in the direction of the fashion world; thanks to its investments it has opened the famous Academy for Lolita.
Mr Weight likes to call himself a man of a certain weight.

Philosophy teacher

Hans Werner is the philosophy teacher. The first teacher to appear in history, with a particularly rigid and precise character.
He will scold Yuri several times, due to his constant distraction during the lessons.

A mistress-history teacher

Aline Thomas is the history teacher. She interrupts one of Yuri’s beautiful dreams by calling his attention, appearing for a moment dressed as an Ero-Loli in his dream.

Female Dorms Caretaker

Madeleine is a sweet girl with a shapely and adult physique, who has no chance of becoming a loli, so she studies to be able to work in administration within the school. He suffers bullying because of his appearance; his motto is “an acquaintance of all, a friend of no one”.